An Organized School Volunteer Program Enhances Student Achievement

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In the past, being school volunteers was such a simple thing. Parents could simply turn up and ask teachers what they needed. Helping out was enjoyable for both parents and their children. But these days, many schools are faced with an enormous amount of legal requirements that keep potential volunteers from doing so.

With persistence, you can make your schools better, but it will take some doing. In many school districts today, parents are required to be fingerprinted and take tuberculosis tests each year, even though they are only volunteering in the classrooms their children attend. For many parents, the high cost of fingerprinting and time off from work to tend to these procedures is a deterrent to participation.

Some of the best schools list ways that parents can help. Parents may link in to school websites and check for volunteer tasks needed and how many hours per week might be included. There are excellent websites that organize volunteerism into hours per week, and then list what is possible to accomplish during that time.

Suggestions might include things such as mentoring a child to help them succeed academically, or simply to encourage them to arrive at school every day. Often, children attending school come from homes that are struggling to make things work. Often, children attending school come from homes that are struggling to make things work.

Tutoring a child to help them understand difficult work may also be a good volunteer task. Some families cannot afford to pay for tutors even though their child may need one desperately. Spending time as a volunteer tutor or mentor is much like serving as a role model that children may learn to respect. Volunteers may make the difference between a child who fails or succeeds.

Some schools allow volunteers to simply come and have lunch with a student once each week. This friendly time may give the student much needed conversation. It can also let a student know that there is a trusted person who can help them when they need it.

Sharing talents with a gifted student is a great way to help them develop their own skills. Anyone with an artistic or mechanical skill would be welcomed to show students how they do their work. Often, seeing what is possible for future jobs will interest a student enough that they pursue similar careers.

If a volunteer has a talent in any area, there are students who will benefit from learning how those talents can make for enriching lives. Organizing volunteer needs into suggested hours and duties is one of the best ways to ask people to help. Volunteering is a very satisfying, too. Decide to volunteer, and you will most likely be quickly welcomed to do so

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An Organized School Volunteer Program Enhances Student Achievement

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This article was published on 2010/09/09